Historical revival of Ospedaletti

Every two years in Ospedaletti (San Remo) the fabulous revival of vintage motorcycles takes place. Here you will see motorcycles and riders of yesteryear in an amazing two-day event. The Ospedaletti circuit is nicknamed the mini TT of flowers. The first official race on the Ospedaletti "Circuit" took place in 1947. Given the success of the event, on 25 July 1948 the "International Motorcycle Grand Trophy", which last year celebrated its 60th anniversary, took place.

To take part in this exclusive event is like taking a dive into the past: the riders and bikes doing battle are the same as they once were. Giacomo Agostini in battle with his arch enemy Phil Read, the great maestro Hailwood, Gallina, Pasolini, Rigamonti, Tenconi, Beltoise, Nougier, Avenbacher, Fath, Knuppertz, Anderson, Sheene, Findlay, Saarinen, Zanetti, Venturi, Bonera and many more who still today, with the same determination of the past and passion in their hearts, parade in an apparently “peaceful” event, but in reality have the same desire as in the past to finish one ahead of the other. The number of spectators of this event is awesome ... it has the ability to unite the aspirations of the elderly and children in a single truly great weekend of passion. Spectators come from all parts of the world; Russia, Germany, Sweden, Finland, France, Belgium, Great Britain to attend this great piece of history. The last edition, which was held from 31 August to 02 September 2012, saw as many as 225 people involved in the organisation, more than 200 guests and riders, 242 motorcycles registered and 12,000 spectators along the track only on the Sunday.
Next event: September 2014

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